Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FarmLead Grain Unit Converter is used to help you easily and accurately convert grain from a starting unit of measurement (i.e. bushels), to all other unit of measurement variations, such as price per unit of measurement and the comparable value in other units of measurements (i.e. metric tonnes). Below you will find answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the FarmLead Grain Unit Converter.

How to use the Grain Unit Converter?

To use the Grain Unit Converter, first begin by typing in the grain you want to convert and selecting it from list that appears below. Second, select a quantity for that type of grain and a unit of measurement. Then select the price per the previously selected unit of measurement and the currency in which that price is in. Press “Calculate”, and the Grain Unit Converter will then provide you with all other equivalent units and prices in those other unit variations.


  • 10,000 bushels of corn = 254 metric tonnes (MT), 560,000 pounds (lbs), and 5,600 hundredweight (CWT)
  • 10,000 bushels of corn at $4.00 USD = $157.47 USD per MT, 7.1¢ USD per pound
  • If we toggle to the Canadian Dollar (CAD), at the July 30, 2017 exchange rate of 1 USD = $1.2794, it equals $197.63 CAD / MT, $5.02 CAD / bushel, and 9¢ per pound
  • *Hint: Try typing the grain you’re looking for instead of searching through the list

Why is the FarmLead Grain Unit Converter helpful?

Different farmers and grain buyers in different regions and countries operate in different units and currencies. The FarmLead Grain Unit Converter allows you to quickly calculate different variables to help you deal on a grain trade more efficiently.

What can the FarmLead Grain Unit Converter do?

The Grain Unit Converter can change different grain quantities and units to all other commonly used unit conversions.

Price / Unit

In the Price / Unit section, you can easily see what the price of your grain would be for all major units of measurement.

  • Price per pound (lbs)
  • Price per bushel (bu)
  • Price per hundredweight (CWT)
  • Price per metric tonne (MT)

Unit / Unit

In the Unit / Unit section, you can easily see what the unit of measurement you work in would be in other units of measurement.

  • lbs per bu
  • lbs per CWT
  • lbs per MT
  • bu per lbs
  • bu per CWT
  • bu per MT
  • CWT per lbs
  • CWT per bu
  • CWT per MT
  • MT per lbs
  • MT per bu
  • MT per CWT

Quantity / Unit

In the Quantity / Unit section, easily see what what the amount of grain in your original unit of measurement is equal to in all other common units of measurement.

  • lbs
  • bu
  • CWT
  • MT

Term definitions:

Bushel (bu) – A measure of capacity for grain trade. A bushel is equal to the volume of 64 US pints or 35.2 litres. I.e. We accidentally left the auger on and dropped about 20 bushels of wheat on the ground.

Pound (lbs) – A unit of weight equal to 0.4536 kilograms. The number of pounds in a bushel vary by grain. I.e. there are 60 lbs in 1 bushel of wheat but only 56 lbs equal 1 of corn.

Hundredweight (CWT) – A unit of weight equal to 100 lbs or about 45.4 kilograms. This measurement is commonly used when trading pulses or cotton.

Metric Tonne (MT) – A unit of weight equal to 1,000 kilograms or 2,205 lbs. Also written as Metric Ton, the Metric Tonne is not to be confused with the Short Ton (completely different things!)